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General Vocabulary Revision Test -2

Choose the correct answer!
1. I had to brake suddenly when the other driver didn't signal to show his ........... to turn left.

A) plan
B) intention
C) idea
D) promise
E) precaution

2. The board of managers defined a date to ............. the question of payment.

A) discard
B) promote
C) control
D) debate
E) confer

3. We are not sure that he will be able to ......... the shock of going bankrupt.

A) get over
B) rely on
C) put through
D) take up
E) depend upon

4. He should spend nearly two years working in Asia so that he can discover how things ........ overseas.

A) manage
B) execute
C) operate
D) propose
E) connect

5. Do you realize that it takes years to ............... as a teacher.

A) practise
B) complete
C) accept
D) regard
E) qualify

6. During the long period of ............, the farmers had to irrigate their crops.

A) famine
B) drought
C) caos
D) turmoil
E) calamity

7. Because the water there is ............., the area has been evacuated based on an official decree.

A) purified
B) diverted
C) predicted
D) contaminated
E) reimbursed

8. The accident would not have occurred but the truck driver had been ............ .

A) alert
B) negligent
C) resolute
D) discrete
E) careful

9. I am confused by the fact that it is ............ impossible to differentiate between these twins.

A) virtually
B) definitely
C) closely
D) proportionally
E) realistically

10. The ship was ............... to be unsinkable; that's why we didn't see any lifeboats on it.

A) defeated
B) appraised
C) alleged
D) considered
E) referred


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Türkiye Özel

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