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Vocabulary Test - 2

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. I am not ......... that the proposal actually will lead to an improvement in the situation.

a) deterred
b) refrained
c) convinced
d) intrusive
e) impressed

2. In a child, curiosity normally suggests intelligence and is welcomed; but an ........ adult is best avoided.

a) inquisitive
b) impartial
c) indecisive
d) indulgent
e) indefinite

3. In view of the severe economic recession, his appointment to this office was regarded as highly ........ .

a) persuasive
b) refutable
c) appropriate
d) considerable
e) compulsory

4. Sponsorship is being increasingly allowed in schools provided it is regarded as being ........ with educational curricula.

a) predictable
b) decisive
c) considerate
d) provocative
e) compatible

5. Organizations are often said to be theatres in which people ........... roles in dramas, and psychic prisons, or political arenas.

a) perform
b) allege
c) reinforce
d) betray
e) presume

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