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Vocabulary Tests - 1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. At present, the rate of economic growth is very satisfactory, but ......... when foreign competition makes itself felt, this will not be the case.

a) enthusiastically
b) eventually
c) considerably
d) effectively
e) preferably

2. The study of the situation covers a great deal of relevant material, but does not tackle the real issues ........... enough.

a) disturbingly
b) outrageously
c) vaguely
d) currently
e) adequately

3. As the new field worker will be working in close ........... with several others, make sure you select someone with agreeable personality.

a) productivity
b) discretion
c) collaboration
d) suspicion
e) uniformity

4. Serbian ......... in Bosnia has been strongly condemned by the civilised world, but little serious action has been taken against it

a) settlement
b) conduct
c) treaty
d) investment
e) compliment

5. Many of the pictures sent from outer space are presently on ......... in the public library.

a) account
b) duty
c) exchange
d) reinforcement
e) display

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